2D & 3D Mapping for Award Ceremony
3D Animation, Compositing, Mapping 2015, Vienna
3D Holobox Showreel
3D Animation, Effects, Compositing 2014-2015, Vienna
Secrets of Raetikon - Release Trailer
Compositing, Editing, 2D Animation 2014, Vienna
3D Mapping on Head Sculpture
3D Animation, Compositing, Mapping 2013, Vienna
Radio Flare Redux - Teaser "Space Jump"
3D Animation, Compositing, Editing 2010, Vienna
Radio Flare Redux - Teaser "Pink"
2D Animation, Effects, Compositing 2010, Vienna
Visual Effects for the motion picture "Fragile"
3D Animation & Visual Effects 2005, Madrid
Home Delivery - Animated Short by Elio Quiroga
3D Characters, Environment 2004, Madrid
Choco Crispies - Advertisement
3D Characters 2004, Madrid
System Slaves - Animated Short
3D Animation, Compositing 2001, Vienna
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